Arts Education

Educational programs offered through Arts for Learning: The Indiana Affiliate of Young Audiences

In these two workshops - available individually or as a pair - Melli can either work with students to learn basic elements of a dance or else - in collaboration with their classroom teachers - present a workshop that uses dance to make specific curriculum connections. In both workshops, life skills such as focus , problem solving and cooperation are strengthened as students work together to create a short dance.

A five-visit residency allows students to choreograph their own dances that represent parts of the water cycle and states of matter.  Teaching Artist Melli Hoppe teaches students about the elements of dance and choreography and connects it with core science standards.

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Weather patterns, the water cycle, and cloud types can be used as inspiration for a dance. Using simple choreographic principles such as space, time, force and motion, this workshop for elementary students addresses Indiana Academic Standards in Science, Language Arts/English, and Dance.

Weather patterns, the water cycle and cloud types can be used as an inspiration for a dance. Teachers of grades 3-6 will learn how to deepen their students' understanding of Earth's processes using simple choreographic principles such a space, time, force and motion. Melli's simple process designed for non-dancers will help teachers engage their kinesthetic learners and enliven the science curriculum. A Young Audiences of Indiana workshop developed in collaboration with Kennedy Center Partner, Clowes Hall of Butler University.

Early Childhood Programming:

Seasons, life cycles of plants and animals, feelings and colors can be used as inspiration for dance. Beginning with a warm-up that fosters creativity, Melli leads students in free movement exercises, and then concludes with a movement activity that addresses classroom themes.